Board Members:

Kathleen Arciszewski, Founder & President: Kathy, a former Milwaukee County Supervisor, has been involved in the issue of addiction for many years as a family member of people who have been addicted.  Then in the fall of 1996 she advocated before the county board to increase funding for addiction. In July, 1997 in a special election she was elected county supervisor. In that position she continued her efforts.  She also was part of the development of the 211 Helpline in Milwaukee, Madison, Racine and Waukesha.
Kathy is a past member of Milwaukee Addiction Treatment Initiative and presently serves as a member the Milwaukee County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition. Her past also includes development, including Greendale Promotion Committee, Inc., for revitalization of their downtown and Trimborn Farm Park also in Greendale. She assisted Father Domenic Roscioli in moving to another level of his nonprofit organization, Gods Good Earth Foundation. Historic preservation is also a priority, promoted Greendale by creating tourism for that historic planned community and Trimborn Farm as well.  She lived in Greendale for over 30 years and now resides in Milwaukee



Rev. Domenic Roscioli, Vice President: Father Domenic is an exceptional man. He is an ordained Catholic priest, a survivor of rare cancers, an environmentalist, and creator of products for charity.  The recipe for Father Dom’s Duck Doo Compost was created for that purpose.  He worked with Ocean Spray Cranberries and Maple Crest Duck Farm. The funds from the purchase of the product were given to God’s Good Earth Foundation. Presently, his product is “Holy Spirit Wine”. He has worked with the late Paul Neumann, actor, by volunteering at his cancer camp for kids, The Hole in the Wall Gang. Presently, and in the past, Father Domenic is active in social justice. He is a spiritual advisor and is invited to speak throughout the country. He resides in Kenosha, WI.


Cheryl Ann Ellis, Secretary/Treasurer: Cheryl has a long career in banking, including bank examiner. Presently, she is in the area of compliance. She has been active in Milwaukee for years, including the funding for the renovations at St. Josepha Basilica. Her past also includes retail marketing. She resides in Chicago and Pewaukee.