Although we have made much progress re addiction there is still much work re parity with insurance companies.

After the shooting in Texas Republican Minority Speaker Mitch McConnell mentioned that this was a mental health issue, yes. However, I think it was a distraction form the issue of guns.

Lobbyists from insurance companies, like the NRA re guns, have more power than people. That is why you must advocate for your disease to make a difference.

A New Way was created after I observed governmental budgets and lack of insurance coverage for addiction. It is now part of Behavior Health which should make a difference. We now know that most people have a dual diagnosis. For example, a person may be addicted but also depressed and other issues.

Anonymity has not helped funding for your disease. Come Out of the Closet of Addiction and advocate for your health. Make a contribution to the work at We are a 50lC3 nonprofit organization. Thank you.


Update on addiction work